The Eight-method Tai Chi Drill
As taught by Professor Cheng Man-ching in New York City between 1965 and 1975.
Transmitted by Tam Gibbs.
Recorded by Carol McGonegal of Annapolis, Maryland.
It was also published in the booklet: ``In Commemoration of the 3rd Anniversary, Tai-Chi Ch'uan Association'' by Shr-jung School at 211 Canal Street, New York, NY.


1. Walking on Thin Ice
Imagine you are walking on slippery thin ice with one inch of water underneath. You don't want to break through the ice or slip and fall.

2. Wearing the Moon like a Cap
Add onto any of the other methods, for example after walking on thin ice for a while, we were asked to wear the moon like a cap. The head is upright and you imagine the soft spot on your head is attached to the moon and the feet to the earth.

3. Sculling (plying the oar)
Like the PUSH in the Grasp the Sparrow's Tail posture. Imagine you are on a boat with an oar getting across a river.

4. Setting the Sail
Like the Fair Lady Weaving at the Shuttles posture. Imagine a Chinese junk, feel yourself raising the sail (pushing the sail up).

5. Chasing Clouds
Like Waving Hands in the Clouds posture. Imagine you are the mountain and your hands are the clouds.

6. Standing over the Abyss or Standing on the Brink
Like the White Crane Spreads it's Wings posture. Imagine a ledge at the toe of you back foot.

7. Walking in Water or Wading the Stream
Imagine you are knee deep in a stream with a 3 mph current. Feel the bottom of the stream as you walk.

8. Riding the Wind
Like the Diagonal Flying posture. Imagine you are soaring, gliding through the air.